Slime Rancher – Useful Tip for Largo Ranching

Slime Rancher is a simulation game developed and published by a studio “Monomi Park”. The game released in 2017 for Windows, Linux, Xbox One and Mac-OS. This article (Slime Rancher – Useful Tip for Largo Ranching) will discuss about the useful tips you can use while doing Ranching.


Largo Ranching Tips

Tip #1: Quantity

When you start ranching largos, do not contain too many corrals. More corrals can be problematic for you in ways such as food shortage or physical bugs. From my experience, the suitable number of largos per corral is 4.

Tip #2: Largo Types
You can pass any kind of largos, but some pairs are preferable. For example, pairing dangerous slimes with dangerous slimes. I am giving you some recommended combos:

  • Phosphor + Tabby
  • Honey + Hunter
  • Boom + Rock
  • Crystal + Rad
  • Tangle + Dervish/mosaic
  • Quantum + Any Non-Dangerous Slime

Tip #3: Farms
After you have ranch largos, now, it is time to feed them. feeding depends that which plort is more worthy.

For example: Rad < Crystal – Odd-Onions

Tip #4: Newbucks
Simply follow the steps to earn 60,000 new bucks.

  • Step 1: Achieve 4 corrals with different types of largos.
  • Step 2: Get all plort collectors ans wait for them to be filled.
  • Step 3: Sleep maximum and feed your slimes. When one of your plort will say that this particular slime has stopped rising in price, then sell all the slimes in it’s category.
  • Step 4: Repeat the step 3 until all the slimes get sold.
  • Step 5: Repeat step 2-4, until you get your desired money.


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