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about Sniper elite 4

Sniper elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is a third-person shooting game that was developed and published by Rebellion Development

 This game is great for its niche which is supposed to stealth and shooting.

Sniper Elite 4 has great graphics and it’s most of the story and maps are based on Italy and Nazi’s related stuff.

As soon as you open the scope you see a vast immersive, open-world around you and the only thing you have to do is pull that trigger of that long rifle and get that bullet Out off that ammunition directly towards that enemy head

 A clear shot without the Interruption of winds makes it even better and as soon as it touches the enemies head, The slow motion that runs is just too satisfying and it worth all the time you spend taking on that shot!

The graphics of this game are on point, making it even better and also highly eye-soothing and a bit of an aesthetic vibe in the game.

Depending on your crosshair and the pull of gravity in your shot with the wind that blows around you that blows away the bullet from one place to another, calculating all the stuff and making that one shot makes it even more relaxing once you make that shot.

Sniper Elite 4 Pc system requirements 4

Hiding under those bushes and open places to go the stealth mode from your enemy is one of the most important skill to have in this game.
 Because without it you will be exposing yourself from everywhere and won’t even get a chance to make that one shot.

 that one perfect shot that you are looking for.

 Chances are that you will die while opening the scope if you are aiming for open which sucks and no-one will want that.

 The thing which I liked the most about this game is the strategy that you have to put into this game, You either have to go the stealth mode or the little stealth mode or extremely aggressive mode.

If you are going to be using the stealth mode you will have to become calm and collected and wait patiently to get the enemy head under your crosshair during the right circumstances.

In mid stealth mode you wait with a bit of rush you take your aim by yourself get that enemy locked up in your scope of your sniper to make that one perfect shot that we all are talking about to kill him the perfect way with one shot.

the extremely aggressive mode is for those who can’t wait and are not calm and collected they just go and slam those shots on that enemy not caring about themselves, I find this way odd and don’t like it that much.

Sniper Elite 4 Pc system requirements 5

This game overall is great and I will give it an 8/10 in rating.


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