Spinner.io Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Yeah, it’s another io title, but Spinner.io promises something a bit different from the normal recipe. You play as a spinning top, and you must live on a tiny board, but you must also expand if you manage to get one of your nine opponents out of the ring. It’s a high-risk experience that’s not for the faint-hearted.

But don’t throw yourself into a loop (get it?) about it — just check out our hints, tricks, and tactics for the game below, and you’ll be storming the leaderboards in no time at all.


  • Staying alive It’s worth bearing in mind that the winner of each stage is the last spinning top standing, not who is the biggest. So with that in mind make sure surviving is your prime directive in matches. As much fun as it is to smash your opponents out of the arena, you should always be aware if it’s actually worth the risk to be aggressive.
  • Small is beautiful Although growing larger is useful, it’s not as handy as you might think. Remaining as a smaller and more agile spinning top can actually be a far better tactic – see if it fits your style and go from there.
  • Hello HAL The vast majority of opponents you’ll face in Spinner.io are actually AI controlled. So with that in mind lookout for certain tactics and strategies they use – as they will repeat them constantly. This can subsequently be used to your advantage if you can exploit their foibles correctly.
  • Use the obstacles Certain stages have obstacles in them, such as bumpers. Make sure you, therefore, adapt your playing style accordingly. An attacking style will work well in an arena with fewer obstacles for example, whereas a more pragmatic approach is needed for levels with more clutter.
  • Fools rush in Remember, survival is key. So don’t rush into the middle from the start of levels – so many players do it and it is madness, pure and simple. Instead, bide your time and watch from the edge of the arena at the start, as at one or two foolish players will knock themselves out of the game almost immediately.
  • Running start Charging from your enemies increases the chance that you’ll hit them off the arena, as the more speed you gain the more powerful your attack. This tactic also increases the chance you’ll fly off the side if you miss them though, so spin wisely.
  • Middle ground It stands to reason that the safest place in the arena is in the middle – it’s the furthest from the edge after all. So stay there once things start heating up in the arena, and if you enter a skirmish where you feel at a disadvantage just do your best to get back into the center.
  • Skin deep Yes, the unlockable skins don’t change anything in terms of Spinner.io’s gameplay – but having a spinner with a lurid design or colour may just put off certain players. Just decide whether you can put up with such a kitschy design yourself!
  • On the brink Falling off can sometimes be rectified by a quick swipe in the direction of the arena if you react quickly enough – it’s worth trying as one last desperate spin of the wheel. So to speak.


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