#1 Star Control: Origins – Finding Starbases the Easy Way

Star Control: Origins
Star Control: Origins

Star Control: Origins is a strategic space game and it is a game that depends to some extent on the story, but make sure you will never get bored of it, because it also contains many very exciting elements such as fleet management, research, space exploration, gathering resources and fighting enemies in addition to the presence of trade and diplomacy.

Your primary mission in this game The strategy is to take the fastest ship and explore everything and you have to buy upgrades for the ship that you own by collecting a lot of resources, make sure that the performance will be very strong and these resources and the ship alone will not be able to save humanity.

There is no doubt that the basis of this game depends on Very pretty much On gathering resources, managing ships, and space exploration, but this is not a grinding festival, and the advantage that may interest you is that the game sometimes refuses to hold your hand. In many times you will find yourself wandering around a lot in order to know what you must do in the tasks that you must accomplish and you must You use the captain’s log, but sometimes you will find a direct indication of where you want to go.


Star Control: Origins – Getting Started

If you want your fleet to become more missed by upgrading your ship with new weapons, the best location where you will be able to obtain these upgrades is Star Bases.
It is also easy to identify the rules of stars, which have become very important because they can be used in all of the following:

  •  stores
  • sources of new modules
  • portals to hop around the galaxy.

Star Control: Origins


Obtaining an exact number does not exist, but you can measure the distance through your screen and use it to give you the approximate distance for the next star base, knowing that the arrows that are copied and pasted into Photoshop are the same size.

Star Control: Origins – Full Map

Star Control: Origins – To get all the promotions you want, I will tell you the name of the bases and their location as follows:

  • Erroneous Vector – Beta Ishikawa B
  • Chrome Expanse – Alpha Domos
  • Inner Source Starbase – Near Sol
  • Vacant Fortress – Beta Uxor
  • Greater Void Starbase – Near Delta Pavo
  • Sanctum Starbase – Delta Xiphios A
  • Spur Entry Starbase – Kappa Jutinim
  • Origin Survey – Alpha Gladius A
  • Perilous Range – Alpha Acroix
  • Erroneous Vector – Beta Ishikawa B
  • Monitor Deep – Beta Llvoren
  • Fluorescent Approach – Mu Wendigo

Star Control: Origins

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