Stardew Valley – Tips to Achieve All Easter Eggs

Stardew Valley is a simulation video game developed and published by Eric Barone. This game was initially launched for Windows only in 2016 but later on they made it compatible for platforms like PS-4, Xbox One and PS-Vita. Stardew Valley – Tips to Achieve All Easter Eggs, this article will help you to find all the three Easter eggs within a limited time span. It will work if your game is up-to date and have a version 1.4. I found all the three eggs in just 10 minutes by clicking every nook and cranny from the menu.

How it Looks Like?

I have added the complete picture in which you can count all the three Easter eggs which I found:

Easter eggs

The Alien

The Alien will appear by clicking the alphabet ‘E’ in STARDEW. When you will hit multiple times, then the Alien will appear. When you will hear knocking, it will tell you that you are striking right. Make sure to hit top E, not the bottom one.

The Alien


The Junimos

You will have to click on the leaves to get the Junimos. On a single click, small pedals will fall. Repeatedly clicking on these leaves will show a Junimos.

The Butterflies

To attain the butterflies, click on the nail embedded on the right bottom of W. Click it multiple times to achieve to see butterflies around the banner.
The Butterflies

When you will click on this nail, you will heard the tapping noise, which shows that you are near to achieve the goal.

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