Stardew Valley – Tips to find Ancient Seeds on Different Locations

Last updated on August 26th, 2020 at 01:14 pm


Are you tired of finding seeds by grinding in the mines? Are you repeating the cycle by just growing and selling your crops? Are you tired of this repeating process? If your answer is YES, then this article is definitely for you. Today I will show you how to find Ancient seeds and not only seeds but rare and profitable seeds.

Step #1: Finding the Seed

Well, we all are aware that famed ancient seeds are pretty rare.So, the million dollar question is where to find that seed? So, at the beginning you should find seed by digging up the artifact spots in the forest or the mines. You can also get seed by fishing Chests or by hunting bugs. Although it is rare to find but I will stick to artifact spots and fishing.

Once you had it, donate it to the museum. For this, you will be get rewarded with Ancient Fruit seeds which is also rare. There is a chances that you can also get these fruit seeds from seed maker.

Step #2: Knowing the Roots

Now you have a pack of those fruit seeds. If you are in Fall season and do not have greenhouse, so work on Pantry bundles to get a Greenhouse, or wait until spring season. Anyway, if you are in fall season, DO NOT plant the seeds. They take up to 28 days to grow and reproduce every week. Once you get your fruit, put them into a seed maker and save the seeds.By this method you can replant next year.

Step #3: Squeezing the Profits

So, when you have unlimited fruit seeds of your own, DO NOT sell them alone. Fruit seeds itself sells for 550g. To maximize the profit, turn it into artisan goods. What if you will preserve it in a jar? Artisan fruit jelly sells for 1150 g. You can see the big difference. You will get more profit by selling packed fruit jellies.

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