Terraria – A Quick guide to Build Mushroom Biome

Terraria is a console game developed by Re-Logic. It was first released in 2011 for only Microsoft Windows versions. It is now available for other PC’s, consoles, handhelds, and mobile platforms. This articles is about to build Mushroom on the surface in the game as seen in the following picture. The only thing you do is to follow the given steps. So, Let’s Begin!


How to Build Mushroom Biome

You can find and build the mushroom biome above the surface in Funky town. It is one of the steam achievements and only 23.2% of players have achieved this milestone.


  • Bosses needed for the truffle defeated.
  • Mud blocks in water source.
  • Glowing Mushrooms and seeds both.

Optional Things:

  • Spray gun.
  • Spray of Mushroom Biome.


  • Post wall of flesh NPC vendor.
  • If you want to build the mushroom above the ground you must take a mushroom biome on the surface with a house.


  • Mushroom cap.
  • Mushroom pet.
  • Dark blue solution.
  • Mushroom spear.
  • Hammush.
  • Hammer.


These seeds can be found by mining and attacking glowing mushrooms which are found in underground mushroom biomes.

Construction Process

  • Make Mushroom Biome above the surface.
  • Combine dirt with water to design mud-blocks.
  • Place the mud-blocks and then seeds on it..

This process will take time to grow seeds into mushrooms.


When your biome is ready, put the truffle NPC in aMushroom house to make you able to buy seeds.

Spray Gun

You will have to purchase the Spray gun from Steam Punker NPC. They will charge you 2 platinum. You can use your discound card to buy it for 1 platinum. Steam Punker will be locked after beating one boss.


There is only 1 place where you can spray the Mushroom biome and that is Jungle. If you will use any other material it won’t cahnge into mushroom biome.


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