The Broken Seal – A guide for Beginners

Last updated on August 26th, 2020 at 01:14 pm

This article is all about the game “The Broken Seal”. It is having cues and tips to get started. If you are a beginner in this game, then this is for you. So, Let’s start!


Locomotion mode (Recommended):

You can move freely with the right stick.To jump in particular direction, double tap the right stick in that direction.

Teleport mode (easy mode):

To view the spot, hold and then release the left trigger. It can prevent you by monsters, providing you the realism of the game.

Giving Commands

Hold the right trigger and speak:

  • ‘Show me the package’ to open your inventory
  • ‘Show me the map’ to see your maps and quests
  • ‘Show me the spell-book’ to view your spellings and correct them

Tip: Give commands clearly. You will need to speak couple of times to work.


As above, speak clearly.

  • complete Quests to have new spellings
  • Press and Hold the right trigger to speak the spell as you have your own spell-book.
  • “Practice makes perfect”
  • Use your Golds to upgrade your speels in Spell-book, when your character will level-up.

Examining Equipments

  • Take your hand near the item and hold the right trigger to check the item.
  • Hold the grip button to equip the item
  • You will get item quality in Green (Basic), Blue (Moderate) and Purple (Strong)
  • Arm yourself to boost your stats

Selling and Purchasing Items

  • Do this business in town
  • You can sell items by going into the inventory, take items you want and drop them into cauldron.
  • You can buy items by taking them off the rack and adding in your chest

Summoning Pets

  • Find or buy a ‘pet ball’
  • Take it to the summoner
  • Open your inventory by saying ‘show me the package’
  • Take your pet-ball into the pedestal
  • You must have enough gold to summoning cost
  • Now, Drop this Pet-Ball into the Summoner


  • You can get a new spell by completing a quest in a blue steam
  • You can view your quests on map
  • Beat the monster
  • For reward collection, Return to camp. This can be done using portal scroll

Your Belt (Healing and Portals)

  • Take the flask on the right side of your mouth to heal
  • Open the portal scroll and drop this scroll into a summon

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