The Forest Console Commands for PC 2021 Update

Last updated on February 16th, 2021 at 02:52 am

The Forest Console Commands for pc

The Forest Console Commands for pc; is a survival video game developed and published by ‘EndNight Games’ in 2014. It can be played only on PS-4 and Windows-OS. There are two characters in the game named as Eric Leblanc and his son Timmy. These both are the survivors of the plane crash. This article has a multiple cheat codes to discover more about them. Start Finding:

The Forest Console Commands for pc

Step #1

In the main menu type ‘developermodeon’ and press F1 to see if it works. At the right side, you will see a box on the top.

Step #2

If you are master, skip the introduction. Then create  anew game and enter into a world.

Step #3

During the game, press F1. Now, here these following command will be used.

Popular Console Commands

  • buildermode on/off – Enable GodMode and BuildHack
  • cavelight on/off – Take daylight from outside and lighten the cave.
  • faststart on/off – Plane will not crash.
  • godmode on/off – You will get unlimited stamina, you cannot die, even you won’t feel hungry or thursty..
  • buildhack on/off – QuickBuilding and infinite resources.
  • cancelallghosts – Will remove blueprints.
  • buildallghosts – Generates blueprints.
  • addallitems – Add every item from the story items.
  • addallstoryitems -It will add the story item.
  • itemhack on/off – Must purchase items, do not become zero.
  • survival on/off – You will not feel any hunger or thirst.
  • save – Pause and save the game.
  • speedyrun on/off – You won’t die, so, run fast.
  • invisible on/off – You will walk in water.
  • enemies on/off – No attacks from enemies.
  • additem 77 – Only add live Rabbit.
  • terrainrender on/off – On/Off Terrain, If switched off, you can easily walk on.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride noon – makes noon, until turned off.
  • forcerain heavy – To save water, create the heavy rain.
  • forcerain sunny – Stop Raining.
  • cutdowntrees 10 – It will cut down minimum 10 trees.
  • cutgrass 10 – Cuts grass in a radius of 10.


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