The Last of Us 2 : Thing You need to know

Some secrets inside TLOU2 that You need to know.

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The Last of Us chapter ii is full of suspense and intrigue and holds many secrets in the Seattle Quarantine Zone and beyond.
Understanding what to look for will help you excel in your search for vengeance, or identify forgotten places of interest.
Here is a list of known cheats and secrets that can be found in The Last of Us chapter ii.


1 – Figure out how to crack any safe.

Breaking a safe

If you’re struggling to find a safe combination when discovering the remains of abandoned cities, there’s actually a secret to working out things on your own.
If you slowly rotate the dial on a safe one, you can hear a distinctive clicking noise whenever you touch the appropriate number on a specific part of the combination.
The noise is slightly different from the original clicking noise of turning the dial-so pay special attention to it.


2 – I know You wanna have a better vision, don’t you?

Last of us stalker

Often enhanced vision will work for you even if you’re not using any impairments.
The Last of Us 2 has an impressive variety of accessibility options that you can allow or disable at any time-from enemy difficulty to text-to-talk-and much more.
When you find yourself having a hard time finding enemies in the dark or identifying tiny objects and collectibles, simply turn on the ability to highlight important objects.
By wiping the touchpad on your controller, you can disable all the colors in the world, leaving friends in blue, enemies in red, and interactive yellow.

This can be a total game-changer if you’re trying to escape being infected in the darkness, snipe enemies in the woods, or if you’re trying to find out what you can steal in a rush.
Sadly, there are limitations to this: in a cunning bout of honesty, the infected Stalker may not appear in red, but you might still have an easier time finding them in the dark!.

3 – Easily spot any stalker.

Avoid stalkers

Stalkers are among the most intimidating and irritating enemies to cope with-they can dodge your ability to detect them, continuously hide out of sight, and even ambush you from the most unexpected spots.
In certain cases, they can even hide in plain view-breaking out of the growth of the fungus along the walls to attack you-but there is a chance to turn the tables on them.
Stalkers that are hidden in the walls are still wearing jeans-so if you see these jeans that are infected, you can fire at them before they can ambush you!.


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