PlayStation 5 New Controller Revealed!


The New PS5 Controller Revealed!

The new PlayStation is set for release at the end of 2020, we are all very excited for any news regarding the console, after the in-depth sony live stream they have made. The live stream lacked what gamers wanted to see, there were no game reveal or hardware to be seen. It was only tech talk. Some were angered by this, but a lot of others were very intrigued to know about the capability and the power of this new machine.

If you the technical knowledge of the ps5, you can watch the live stream here.

It is called Road to Playstation. But we aren’t there yet. Sadly.

Now we have our eyes on the new confirmed controller and it is very…pretty.


PS5 Controller
The Playstation Controller


Standard white controllers for a Playstation? Yes.

This is a very new change, Sony surely wants to make the next generation memorable and I am already in love with their new joystick, it is very plausible now that the main color of the PS5 would also be white.


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