Things You need to know to become a Clash Royale master.

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5 tips You surely need to follow to be a pro.

1 – Practice, Practice, and finally Practice.

First off: as you find your way around a new game that centers around creating and implementing a successful plan, you ‘re going to have to spend some time
getting a sense for both the game itself as well as the way people play it.
Failure to miss this critical — and often time-consuming — step will leave you feeling like you’re spinning your wheels, you ‘re not going anywhere, and you’re never going to win
a successful victory.

If you’re not great at Clash Royale right when you start, don’t surrender!
It may be helpful to get a good walloping or two, but only if you use the knowledge to enhance. See what your competitors do, what cards they use, and pay careful attention to tactics and plays that appeal to you.
There’s no such thing as “theft” in strategy games, so take the strategies you like and try to integrate them into your own plans.


2 – Patience, Patience, and Again Patience.

It could be appealing to stick to a 100% aggressive approach to the game when you first start, because who doesn’t want to kick the ass right out of the gate? I did, but the thing is,
my success in learning how to play the game has been significantly slowed down.
The only stuff I picked up was the unique strengths of each card, but never did I know the advantages of holding on to those cards or playing more slowly when I had a poor hand.

You should also implement patience when you take turns.
Don’t wait for timers like Rip Van Winkle, but pay close attention to the cards in your pocket, what you can do with them, and don’t play just for the sake of playing.


3 – Get familiar with Your own cards.

It is easy to tell, tough to put into use, but you should still pay attention to what the cards in your hand (and your deck) are able to.
An effective plan is likely to be to know the different possibilities that other cards and card combinations will offer you.

It’s more about building a good deck than just stacking strong cards together,
so it’s all about synergy.
If all your cards cost a fortune of elixir, you ‘re going to be so inefficient out of the gate that your opponents will have the high ground before you even play a decent game.
Likewise, if you don’t have a plan in place to take full advantage of your Deck ‘s strongest cards, there’s a threat that they could fall flat against some of your opponent’s most poor maneuvers.


4 – Stick to ONE strategy.

Most mobile app store games are designed to be immediately rewarding.
You can scoop them up, play for a few hours, and be on your way to a good unbeaten run with the most subtle learning process.
Clash Royale doesn’t work out that way, so instead, the Card Battler genre is structured to reward consistency, learning, and a little more time spent than your typical mobile game would need.

If I say, “It’s important to plan ahead,” it doesn’t mean that yours is going to get any easier to find.
It takes a certain degree of mastery to know what each of the cards is going to do and how they work together, and that knowledge can only come with time.
Nonetheless, it’s possible to hinder your own success by disregarding those tactics only because they’re not rewarding you with immediate victories.
When you’re attempting a defensive tactic and your enemy somehow manages to dominate you, don’t give it up! Start paying attention to what cards they use, and try to find ways to protect themselves against that.
Giving up a particular plan is equal to going back to square one.


5 – It’s all about Elixir.

No matter how good your cards are, your current amount of elixir will influence how easily you can bring them into play during a game.
So just as you need to know your cards and have a clear sense of the synergy of your deck, you need to know that they’re going to fit well with the building quantities of elixir while you’re playing.

Similarly, the elixir is one of the few ways that you can get a “read” on your opponent because it’s a clear indicator of what they’re going to be able to do on a given turn.
Although recognizing that your cards are more important overall, keep an eye on the elixir for every turn of the hand.


so that was it for today, take those insights in and get ready to be the next big thing in clash royale.


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