Tips and Tricks for Hill Climbing Racing You Must Know

Hill Climbing Racing Tips and Tricks You Must Know

hill climbing racing

Hill Climbing Racing is presented and developed by FingeSoft. The game is a 2D physics-based racing video genre game that has two controls brake pedal and gas. It is ported to IOS, Android, Windows phone, Windows 8 and Amazon.

If you want to score the highest, here are the tips and tricks you must know!

Hill Climbing Racing Tips and Tricks!

  • Choose the upgrades!

Upgrades are dependant on your handling, car’s situation, and on each level. The player can upgrade the 4WD and Suspension if having an issue in handling. If the player is not able to steeper climbs, then the player must upgrade the engine of the car. You can also upgrade your tries.

hill climbing racing

  • Use of Coins

Use your coins in upgrading the new landscape, buy a new car, tune the vehicle parts, and upgrade the racing environment.

hill climbing racing

  • Use of Throttle

The player needs to handle steeper climbs by having a hold on throttle down. Always come down gently to the hills so you’ll have a safe drive and your vehicle will have last longer.

hill climbing racing

  • Flip over your car

When you’re driving on the bouncy road flipping it over to earning coins and ending the level. If you’re not on bouncy roads avoid it.

hill climbing racing

  • Pick the Canisters

The player can pick the gas canisters or batteries along the way to refill the fuel. It’ll help you to level-up.

hill climbing racing

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