Top 10 Best Minecraft Anime Mod

Last updated on August 3rd, 2022 at 09:52 pm


Top 10 Best Minecraft Anime Mod

Minecraft is a world of infinite possibilities, at least that’s what they claim. But how many possibilities are there? Can we add a whole another world to it?

Can we add an anime world to it?

The answer will always be YES.

That is exactly what we are going to be doing today. From killing demons to using sword bigger than the breads I buy from store, we are going to do it all.

10. JoJo Bizzare Adventure

Jojo Bizzare Adventure

Whether it’s Jonathan Joestar or Dio Brando, you can be anything according to your wish.

This anime mod will most definitely be liked by Jojo’s fans and not to mention the powers that this mod will give you.

Now you can snap blocks in one go and jump higher than you ever expected.

Download the mod from here.

9. Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden

Ninjas are always cool, aren’t they? I always found them interesting and wished to be like them and now my wish is granted.

Not only that you can be a ninja but also use their tools. But there is a twist.

You are not any ninja, you are a ninja from Naruto! You can use tools that you saw in Naruto once.

What else can one ask for? Tailed beasts? You got it all in this one single mod!

Download it from here. 

8. OP Craft (One Piece)

one piece

Use the sword that Mihawk once used, the devil fruit that Luffy once ate, power that brook holds. Everything in this one mode.

OP craft is paradise for one piece fans. Even though the developer has left the mod as it is, this mod is a piece of creativity.

There are different dials that you can use to obtain different powers. My favourite is the fire dial.

Look out for the marines since they can be little sneaky sometimes.

Download the mod from here.

7. Tokyo Ghoul


While the anime was one of the scariest anime that I ever saw, the mod itself isn’t that scary. Matter of fact, it is one of the most fun mod that you can ever play.

Watch out for the ghouls because once they infect you, you will become one of them.

While you might not know it but if you crouch, your Kagune will be out!

Download the mod from here.

6. My Hero Academia

 my hero academia

Want to play with ice and fire at the same time? How about with bombs? Or many different random stuff?

You can play with anything with this mod.

From the variety of 23 quirks and special characters from the anime my hero academia, you can become the over powered character of your own Minecraft world!

Get the mod from here. 

5. Attack on block (Attack on titan)

attack on titan

Attack on titan has been ranked in top animes of all time. And who don’t know captain Levi?

This mod lets you live your attack on titan dreams in your own Minecraft world.

From giant titans to big swords, you can get your hands on everything from attack on titan in this mod.

Attack on block has many different maneuver devices you can use to fight your enemies.

Download link.

4. Seven Deadly Sins

Seven deadly sins

Seven deadly sins is definitely one of those anime that is full of chaos, people love chaos!

And to satisfy their need, I got the perfect mod.

The world is full of demons and you have the power to create extreme damage to them.

Whether it’s from a big sword or from special power, you can access them all in this mod.

Get it from here.

3. Death Note

Death Note

This mod beholds the power of the deathly book from death note.

You get a book and you find yourself some ink and with those two combined whenever you write someone’s name, they get eliminated.

As amusing as it sounds, this mod is extremely fun to play.

Download it from here.

2. Pixelmon Generation (Pokemon)

Pixelmon Generation

There are thousands of pokemon mods out there but they all feel like something that is made in the 80’s.

But this issue is not going to last anymore because we have got our hands on Pixelmon Generation!

You get every pokemon to play with and opportunity to fight big gym leaders!

Get this mod from here. 

1. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

Solve quests, fly high up in the clouds, use super saiyans and everything that happened in Dragon ball z with this mod.

It has variety of skins and places to go and everything is dragon ball themed.

Make sure to use your super saiyan on time since it gets pretty hasty sometimes.

Download link


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