Top 10 MMORPG Games For Mobile 2020 pt.2


AxE Alliance vs Empire

MMORPGs are wonderful things. They have the power to place you in a huge universe full of thousands of other players, so you can enjoy them almost forever without hitting the limit. Their follow-up is big and very committed. Experiences differ quite a bit between Android MMORPG games. In comparison, it can take some time before good MMORPGs truly reveal their true colors. So, it makes it, too. It’s a bit hard to keep focused on the newest interesting ones. Here, in any case, are the best MMORPGs for Android! Please notice, all of these are free to use a pattern for customizations, weapons, etc. There are only a few good games with a subscription model, such as the RuneScape Old Age.

Here are some more excellent RPGs and multiplayer games on mobile!

AxE: Alliance vs Empire

AxE: Alliance vs Empire is very close to Lineage 2: Revolt, so if for whatever reason 
it doesn’t fit for you, but you still like MMORPG autoplay, AxE could scratch the itch.

Celtic Heroes

Celtic Heroes was one of the very first smartphone MMORPGs, and as such, it’s starting to reflect its age. It’s getting daily feedback from its dedicated team of developers, however, and the group is very welcoming.

Tales of Wind (Laplace M)

Ales of Wind is the western update of Laplace M, and if you like the autoplay of MMORPG but 
don’t like the dark fantasy types of Lineage or AxE, Tales of Wind is the one for you.

Rangers of Oblivion

Oblivion Rangers is essentially Monster Hunter Online. You’re going to battle massive creatures with big arms and make equipment out of their heads.

Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is the heir to Pocket Legends, one of the early handheld MMORPGs. It’s isometric, features action fighting, and there’s plenty of loot to be found for those who want that kind of thing.

Era of Legends

Era of Legends is one of the new autoplay MMORPGs to hit phones and promises something a little special. You can’t autoplay in dungeons, which allows you to take over and play, so there’s less emphasis on P2W as most of the sales are cosmetics.

MapleStory M

MapleStory M is the classic 2D MMORPG on your computer, and it plays like it’s always been built to be a video game. It’s essentially a 2D MMORPG platformer, but it provides something completely new.

Grow Stone Online

Grow Stone Online is like a clicker that follows the MMORPG. You’re going to dig relentlessly for the tools you can use to make new weapons, and then you’re going to fight against the dungeons and the PvP.

Albion Online

Albion Online is like a jazzed RuneScape. Although it’s better played on your computer, you can potentially snatch it on Ios if you want to enjoy it when you’re on the go. Maybe just stop playing in any PvP.


Teon describes himself as an equal hardcore ARPG. There’s no autoplay, no P2W, no poor stuff like that, so it gives you a lot of choices on how you create your story.


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