Top 5 Gaming Keyboards under $50

Last updated on June 29th, 2022 at 02:24 am

There has been a great development in the world of gaming keyboards but in the price too. What to do if you are on a tight budget, the market is filled with low-budget gaming keyboards but which one to buy, that’s confusing and also you don’t want to get ripped off. You want the maximum features in a keyboard with minimum price.
Don’t worry we have got you covered. I took it upon myself and researched and tested the best keyboards which fall under the price range of 50$.
Here are my top recommendations for gaming keyboards under 50$.
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Here is the list of top 5 gaming keyboards under 50$


Havit Mechanical KB Pudding Keycaps

This is the first keyboard on our list. If you are on a budget and need a great gaming keyboard this what you go for. It has great features and awesome looks.


This gaming mechanical keyboard has 14 kinds of backlight modes and 11 kinds of additional surrounding light modes. The brightness and light-changing speed of the backlight are adjustable and it supports to customize and record 5 groups of backlit modes.

All keycaps are made of thick PBT material that has good wear resistance and provides excellent touch, and the translucent design of keycaps makes the RGB backlight more stunning and fantastic.

Professional blue switches provide a quicker response, crisp clicky sound, and precise tactile feedback and transfer accurate key commands for typing and gaming. All 89 keys have individual switches with full n-key rollover and anti-ghosting.

This PC keyboard is in 89-key compact design but especially retains the number pad, and with 12 multimedia shortcuts, which make it easy to keep a balance between gaming and working.

HAVIT KB851L gaming mechanical keyboard is plug & play, no driver needed, and it’s compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10.

  • Much more affordable than other keycap sets out there.
  • Oil-resistant durable PBT plastic that does not get dirty or feel slippery
  • Font looks slightly boxy, which may not fit your preferences
Top 5 Gaming Keyboards under $50 1

Havit Mechanical KB Red switch

This keyboard is the most non-gamer-looking keyboard on the list, but it serves excellent. It,s kind of retro-looking but the feel on this keyboard is just awesome in this budget. 


This Havit Keyboard comes with red switches and it is not too noisy while typing. The features I loved about this keyboard were first the small size and it also had a full Numpad like a larger keyboard.

My biggest concern when getting it is that I use the delete key about as much as I use the backspace key, so it was important for it to be handy. I was initially disappointed because I thought you could only use the delete key with num lock off which makes it annoying to use. But you can use it by just holding shift and tap the delete key and still use the Numpad moments later. I also loved having all the media keys easily accessible.

  • Unique and retro looking.
  • Good for the everyday.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic.
  • No RGB patterns or tactile “clickiness” sounds that modern gamers may prefer
  • The 89 key layout may take some getting used to
  • This Mouse doesn’t come with extra batteries.
Top 5 Gaming Keyboards under $50 2

CQ63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

This is the most aesthetic and beautiful keyboard on this list. It’s a true RGB mechanical keyboard and one of the best in this price range.


The CQ63 is a built-in mechanical Bluetooth keyboard with 60% RGB backlight (63 keys) and dedicated hotkeys and arrow keys as well as dedicated keys for taking screenshots.

You can connect up to 3 devices via Bluetooth and switch between them with ease. It is especially suitable for home and office use when connected to smartphones, laptops and iPads. You can choose to place the USB Type-C cable to install the power supply.

The CQ63 keyboard is ergonomically designed and can be used comfortably for a long time. Comfortable buttons can reduce fatigue during long games. Special padding on the keyboard increases stability. High quality ABS casing improves durability.


  • Beauriful looks.
  • Ergonomic
  • Great feel(brown switch)
  • No numpad
Top 5 Gaming Keyboards under $50 3

Corsair K55 RGB

It’s a membrane keyboard. But don’t worry even if it’s a membrane keyboard it packs a lot of punch in its price and is better than a lot of mechanical keyboards on the market.


The Corsair K55 RGB packs a lot of features that you would find on other Corsair keyboards. On the top band, there are buttons to record macro combinations, change the brightness level, and lock the Windows button. Macro recording is available on the fly and they can be exclusively assigned to the six extra macro keys. Multimedia and volume control is present on the keyboard through dedicated keys on the top right.

You can control music playback and the volume including a mute option using keys for each action. The RGB lighting is present on the keyboard. However, it isn’t per-key lighting but present in three zones. This means you can’t control the backlighting individually on the keys. To change the lighting effects, you have to use the CUE or iCUE software.

The K55 RGB is a membrane keyboard that uses a rubber dome design. When the keys are pressed, the stem of the keycap pushes down on the domes that make contact with the circuit. The keycaps are removable, making them easier to clean. Since they don’t have support for Cherry MX keycaps, you can’t replace them with third-party ones.

  • Decent software support.
  • Dedicated multimedia keys.
  • Flimsy wrist rest.
Top 5 Gaming Keyboards under $50 4

Tecware Phantom 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard

This is the last keyboard on this list Tecware Phantom mechanical keyboard. While it is a small package, it has many, though not all, of the functions of a standard gaming keyboard while having a series of beautiful RGB settings that can be easily customized right there on the keyboard itself.


The Tecware Phantom RGB mechanical keyboard consist of two variants; the Phantom 104 RGB and Phantom 87 RGB. As their respective name suggests, the Phantom 104 is the standard 104-key layout while the Phantom 87 RGB is the ten-key-less (no numeric keypads) variant. However, both variants offer similar features, build quality, and switches. They just differ on the number of keys, and obviously the size of the keyboard itself.

The company is using Outemu switches that are rated to last up to 50 million keystrokes. They are not exactly like the more popular Cherry MX switches; the switch themselves feel lighter, “cheaper” build quality, and they feel a little bit different (when pressed/actuated) compared to their Cherry MX counterpart. Nevertheless, they are cheaper compared to mechanical keyboards built with Cherry MX switches.

You can set up to three profiles in Tecware’s software utility, and if per-key customizations sound too tedious, you can pick from 18 different lighting presets. The software itself is pretty intuitive to use, and first-time users should have little problem finding their way around.

  • Beautiful RGB.
  • Highly responsive
  • Comes with replacement keys.
  • Software takes a bit to get started
  • No wrist rest.


We hope you find the best gaming keyboard according to your need. All of these keyboards are great and feature-loaded. Currently, these are the best keyboard that you can find under this budget. We hope you find this article useful. And there are tons of other great articles on our website which can help you for what you are looking for, please do check.

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