Top 5 Mobile Fighting Games

The best video games have the potential to turn even the most peaceful pacifists into bloodthirsty fighters, ready for another round of hand-to-hand action. Nothing has the blood flowing like a nice vs. a brawler, and there’s a lot of them on the screen. Here’s the top 5

5. Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Street fighter Iv

Capcom hasn’t gotten around to taking Street Fighter V to smartphones yet, but at least we have a good version of its predecessor to satisfy our need for Dragon Punches and Sonic Booms. To be sure, Street Fighter IV Champion Version was ropey at first, bogged down by control problems and online multiplayer troubles, but the developer has since ironed out several of the biggest patch problems.

It may be incomplete, particularly if you don’t have an MFi controller at your side, but the Street Fighter IV Champion Version is still a full-fledged versus brawler in the palm of your hand.

4. Injustice 2

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 completed what it set out to do when it arrived on iOS and Android smartphones, namely scale down the iconic home console superhero brawler to a streamlined, mobile-friendly bundle. The complex combinations that act as his larger brother’s bread and butter make room for quick taps and buttons, even though the complexity is not lost.

Warner Bros didn’t get a perfect win out of here. Although the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is formulaic at times and the microtransactions would no doubt dump some players, but any game where you can clobber Harley Quinn with Wonder Woman and smash Green Lantern in the face as Batman is worth playing at least once.

3. WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals

Don’t let the label trick you, man. This isn’t just a wrestling exhibition. WWE Immortals is a mash-up between American wrestling and Mortal Kombat that places the ring’s biggest stars in the middle of a fantasy tale. It’s a side-on vs a brawler, and much of the action boils down to hurried button clicks and swipes, so that’s great if you want to let off some steam and have an enjoyable storyline while you’re at it.

2. King of Fighters ’98

King of Fighters 98


If you want to knock the old school with a retro arcade brawler, look no further than King of Fighters ’98. The SNK series once clashed tooth and nail with Street Fighter for the domination of the genre and the controversy over whether the franchise was better still rages. One thing is clear, however, that King of Fighters ’98 is playing just as well as Street Fighter II is today.

1. Real Boxing 2 Rocky

Real Boxing 2 Rocky

Who would have thought we’d see a legal Rocky game more than ten years after the mainline movie series ended? Real Boxing 2 Rocky is a game that nobody really called for, but it’s always shockingly sweet.

The touchscreen controls are close inside the room, and there’s plenty to keep you occupied outside, from mini-games to character customization. There is also a chance to play against Rocky legends such as Ivan Drago, Clubber Lang, and Apollo Creed, not to mention the ability to take care of the Italian Stallion itself.

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