Top 5 Wireless gaming mouse under $20

Last updated on August 21st, 2021 at 06:46 pm

There has been significant development in wireless gaming in recent years. Reducing latency and increasing reliability has become the priority of manufacturers. Wireless gaming Mouse Now days has amazing performance when it comes to even the most professional gamers.

When using a gaming Mouse for under $20 you have to consider how it feels in your hands. Further, you should see that the latency and accuracy are not affected because of the lower price.

Generally, the most featureful devices tend to have a higher price. It is the same with wireless gaming mouse too. But it is still possible to get an affordable gaming mouse that is under $20 and provides an incredible gaming experience.

I have done the daunting task of searching for a wireless gaming mouse for you. After going over hundreds of mice, I have here for you the top 5 mice that are under $20. But if your budget is a little more flexible you could check out our top 5 mice that are under $100.

victsing wireless gaming mouse

VicTsing Gaming Mouse

This mouse belongs to a high-grade gaming mouse category. It has proved to be reliable, very easy to use, and comfortable. You will get fast data transmission with this Mouse without any delays or dropouts.


When the battery drains out, there is a low battery indicator that will flash in red indicating you to get a new battery.

When this mouse is left idle for 8 minutes it will go to the power saving mode and automatically switch off. However, you can press any button to restart it. 

The wireless receiver of this Mouse can be easily stored by inserting it next to the battery slot.

 Beginner Gamers can easily use this Mouse for low-end gaming. But I will not recommend this Mouse for high-end gaming. Further, two of its side buttons may not be available for Mac Operating System.

  • This Mouse has an ergonomic design for Gamers with bigger hands.
  • Both of its right and left click buttons are silent.
  • There is an easy to toggle button below the mouse to go to light-off mode.
  • Its responsiveness and accuracy are pretty decent for this price range.
  • The built of this Mouse feels very weak as it makes a rattling noise when picked up in our hands.
  • Except for the left and right-click buttons, all other buttons make a lot of noise.
  • This Mouse doesn’t come with extra batteries.
Wireless Gaming Mouse


The VEGCOO C10 is surely going to uplift the overall look of your gaming setup with its cool breathing colors. 


It creates a suitable environment for gaming. Further, you can turn the lights on and off with the click of a single button. This Mouse features silent click technology that lets you play games peacefully without bothering the people around you. However, only the left and right-click buttons are silent. The other buttons will still make some sound.

This Mouse offers three levels of adjustable DPI  that are 1200-1600-2400. This should be enough to meet your basic gaming needs.

This Mouse comes with a 4000mah rechargeable battery that should last really long on a single charge. Moreover, you can still use the mouse when it is recharging.

  • This Mouse has a good size that will fit almost all types of hands.

  • It is rechargeable.
  • It can be easily paired with a dongle. So you don’t have to bother with Bluetooth pairing.
  • It is easy to store the dongle.


  • The quality of plastic is not the best.

UHURU Wireless Gaming Mouse

UHURU Gaming Mouse

This cool looking mouse  by UHRU has 6 programmable button. There is a software that you can download to customize all these buttons. This will let you use the mouse for different gaming settings.


UHRU gaming mouse has 5 levels of adjustable DPIs that are 1200/1600/2400/3200. When you download the software for this mouse you can further adjust the DPI to 4800.   

There are 7 automatically changing colorful and dazzling led RGB lights that will surely set you in the mood for gaming.

According to the makers of this mouse it will go till 5 million clicks and may be more. This makes the mouse very enduring. In addition to this the mouse is very ergonomically made so that your hands can rest on it perfectly and don’t hurt after long hours of gaming. 

This mouse also features power saving mode wherein it shuts off after remaining idle for 8 minutes. The batteries on this mouse can be recharged.

    • Programmable buttons.
    • Perfectly fits most hand sizes.
    • Charges in no time and last for days.
    • Power saver mode.


    • Unlike most gaming mouse it does not have custom weights. 


Gaming Mouse Wireless

AAJO Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

This funky looking mouse by Aajo has an ergonomic design that will perfectly fit almost all hands. You can spend hours playing games without ever getting fatigue.


It has 3 adjustable DPI speed Switch: 800-1600-3200 to control the speed more freely and easily. You just need to press the DPI button without any other drivers or software.

There are a number of lighting modes like rainbow mode, stream mode, breathing mode, and pure mode which you can change by repeatedly pressing the LED button. If you want you can even switch off the lights.

    • Fits perfectly with all sizes of hands.
    • Honeycomb design prevents hands from sweating to a great extent.
    • It is rechargeable.


    • There is no usb c adapter.
    • Not compatible with mac.


Redragon M690-1 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Redragon M690-1

Redragon is a popular gaming peripheral manufacturing company. This mouse is highly durable as it has undergone 10 million clicks test.


The M690-1 has 5 DPI levels 800/1200/1600/2000/2400. There are flashing lights that indicate the DPI level you are in. It’s more easier on this mouse to set speed and sensitivity.

This mouse also features silent left and right click buttons. So, you can continue gaming anywhere you want without disturbing people around you.

This mouse is highly durable as it has undergone 10 million clicks test. Further, it also has power saving mode that means it turns off automatically after 8 minutes, You can turn it on again by pressing the button underneath.

    • LED lights are attractive.
    • There are three buttons on the side.


    • The on screen cursor occasionally disappears when the system is left idle.


We have hope you find the right wireless gaming mouse from the above list to get you started with gaming. But keep it in mind that these are mice are low budget so you can’t expect them to have too many advanced features. However, our list has those mice who have the best features in this price range. We will recommend you to atleast go for gaming mouse that are under $100 to get better features and performance.

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