Top 7 Gaming Tips And Tricks That No One Shares

Top 7 Gaming Tips And Tricks That No One Shares

You can spend hours upon hours watching professionals stream gaming sessions, making moves you don’t understand. The truth is you can play as skillful as any of your favorite pro gamers if you have some of their information. 

So, in this guide, we’ll be sharing 7 tips that no one shares to help you improve your gaming. Also, cheats and hacks from Battlelog will keep you a step ahead of the competition. So, get some and combine them with the tips below.

Top 7 tips and tricks for better gaming

  • Find a game (genre) that suits you

Sometimes, you may struggle to improve at a particular game while effortlessly excelling at others. The trick is simple; people are naturally inclined toward different game genres. 

Thankfully, you can choose many games and genres, including Action-adventure, shooters, role-playing, simulation and sports, sandbox, etc. Simply experiment with all and pick the one you’re most comfortable with.

  • Practicing leads to mastery.

This is something you need to do even in real life as athletes. Long hours of practice help players sharpen their impulse and in-game reaction time. Also, you’ll sharpen your skill level as you repeatedly practice the same moves over again.

If you don’t know what to practice anymore, search for specific gaming guides online for any game you choose. Then practice the styles consistently and watch how you improve. 

  • Set targets 

They say repetition gives birth to skills. Don’t think this is only limited to practice, though; you’ll also need to practice this to achieve set targets. For example, if you struggle to pass a certain level in a game, mark a higher level as your target.

This mindset can help you complete the seemingly difficult level with more ease. Setting targets will give you the motivation needed to continue pushing. Reaching these targets will give you the confidence to set and accomplish loftier targets.

  • Your gaming gear should be optimized for gaming.

One thing you should avoid is picking just about any headphone set or mouse off the shelf for gaming. The same goes for laptops or monitors. Companies such as Dell and Sony produce good gaming pieces of equipment.  

You may be able to bag a few wins with some poor equipment. However, you’ll be frustrated at how much you’ll suck if you play an online multiplayer. Players with gaming-specific equipment will always mess you up.

  • Custom settings are not always the best.

Don’t make the rookie mistake of rushing through the T&Cs and the following steps to jump-start a game. Aside from watching demos, another important thing you should do before any game is tweaking the settings.

However, you may have to spend some experimental minutes in the game before heading into the setting tab. If you’re playing an FPS, turning down the music volume will allow you to hear important sounds better. Also, you’d need to alter the sensitivity settings a little bit.

  • Brighter screens are better.

Playing games on dimly lit screens can disturb and harm your eyes. If you’re playing a MOBA or FPS game, you’ll need to see the dark corners inside buildings. An enemy could be hiding in a dark corner waiting to pounce on you.

Also, turn off features such as Adaptive Brightness and Auto-Dimming. However, the screen shouldn’t be too bright as this may have harmful effects on your eyes. We recommend a brightness between 250-350 cd/m2

  • Watch yourself as well as Pro players.

Spend some time watching professionals play your favorite game or any game you wish to improve. You’ll be able to learn some tips you can apply in your personal game. Also, take note of their approach to the game and some settings – you might want to make some adjustments too. 

Lastly, don’t be too busy to watch your own games. You’ll be able to see loopholes in your gameplay and some chances you couldn’t see in the heat of the game. 


Becoming a better gamer depends a whole lot on you. Sometimes, you may have to unlearn an old bad gaming habit to learn something new. The entire experience could be real tasking, but the result of consistent hard work is always worth the effort. 

Just keep practicing with the right tip and good gear. If you have the time, watch your replays. Search for a guide online for areas where you’re finding difficulties in any game. Lastly, watching the pros is always beneficial.

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