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Top Gaming Mousepads under $10

Gaming is mousepad is definitely necessary for a great gaming experience. But if you are on a budget I have got you covered. I did all the research for you and created this list for you of the best gaming mousepad under $10.

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NPET MP02 Gaming Mouse Pad

High Quality and Performance Desk Pad. Micro-textured cloth surface, for speed and control playstyles


Super glow fiber by NPET, superconductive performance. Non-slip rubber base, to stay firmly in place, accurate mouse control, and consistent stability on your desk high Quality and Performance Desk Pad. Micro-textured cloth surface, for speed and control.

This extra-thick RGB gaming mouse pad features 9 static light modes and 3 dynamic modes. Just easily click the switch button to change colors, choose from 12 lighting modes, red, pink, orange, green, blue, purple, cyan, yellow, white, rainbow, rolling, and breathing. 

Play and plug. Simple operation by 1.8m USB cable powered, plug in to get power, easy to use. Long press the button to turn off the backlit.

  • 12 RGB Lighting Modes
  • 24-month replacement warranty
  • It’s not leather
Top Gaming Mousepads under $10 1

Amazon Basics Gaming Mouse Pad

Gaming mouse pad—ideal for gamers, graphic designers, or anyone who uses a mouse for long sessions


A high-quality cloth surface promotes smooth mouse gliding and enhanced precision. It has a steady, thick, rubberized base that keeps the mouse pad in place. It measures 12.4 x 10.6 x 0.08 inches (314.96 x 269.24 x 2.032 mm).

Reliable functionality when it comes to your tech with the Amazon Basics mouse pad. Featuring a smooth-gliding cloth surface that promotes enhanced precision and a substantial anti-slip rubberized base.

  • Machine Washable.

  • The quality is not the best.
Top Gaming Mousepads under $10 2

Red Leopard-Excovip Gaming Desk Mat

 This gaming mouse pad is an economical and practical pad that can be used in office and gaming.


Full-length help to make your desk neat. The large mouse pad is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. Perfect length and thickness for both your professional keyboard and mouse. Also for a small and large desk.

The cloth of this mouse mat allows for more flexibility not so rigid and makes it easier to be more precise.

  • Sticks to the desk perfectly
  • Do not put it into washing machine
Top Gaming Mousepads under $10 3

Razer Goliathus Speed Gaming Mousepad

With an ultra-slim 1.5mm thickness, you can fit this mouse mat between your laptop screen and keyboard.


Superfine micro-textures have been engineered specifically to work with all mice, so even the smallest movements you make with your mouse are accurately translated on screen.

The Razer Goliathus Mobile Stealth Edition provides you with a surface that gives you both precision to focus on fine details as well as speed to quickly switch between multiple windows.

With Razer Synapse, you can calibrate your Razer mouse to recognize exactly which Razer mouse mat you are using for optimal performance.

  • Super thin(1.5mm)
  • A bit small in size
Top Gaming Mousepads under $10 4

Ktrio Large Gaming Mouse Pad

This X-Large mouse pad is large enough to fit your gaming mouse, full size mechanical keyboard and other desk items.


A perfect gaming mouse pad for those who use a lower DPI. Highly Durable Design: Frayed edges and low-quality materials are problems many gamers are familiar with. The Ktrio anti-fray mousepad addresses these issues with an advanced cloth textile. Stitching along the edges of the surface ensures it will never fray or peel.

The soft and dense non-skid nature rubber base keeps this desk pad firmly in place. This large mouse mat remains uniformly flat even over imperfect surfaces. Just immerse into your work or games without worrying about the annoying mouse pad movement.

  • Water resistant coating
  • It stinks


We hope you find the best mousepad which fits accordingly to your need. These were our recommendations on top mousepads under $10.

If you are looking to complete your gaming setup, we have a ton of helpful articles on our website which can help you.


Written by Ritvik

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