Top Tips And Tricks For PUBG To Get Chicken Dinner

Top Tips And Tricks For PUBG To Get Chicken Dinner

PUBG “PlayerUnkown’s BattleGrounds” is presented by PUBG corporation and developed Kim Chang-han. It is an online multiplayer battle royale game. It is the top trending and most popular online game. The game is ported to the Google Play Store, IOS, Windows, XBOX One, Stadia, and PlayStation 4.


5 Top Tips and Tricks for PUBG To Get Chicken Dinner!

  1. Eye on other players

Whenever you come to a building where doors are open, someone can probably there. So you need to be more active maybe anyone has gone from that door or hidden inside. Moreover, when you come to a room, close the doors, it will beneficial for you to kill easily.

  1. Use Of Headphones & Adjust Graphics

As you know PUBG is an online game so headphones matter a lot because of prompts of the squad, voice chats, and footsteps of other players. You can’t miss the signs of your enemies.

You need to adjust the graphics according to your phone screen, though PUBG Mobile does itself but if still, you’re having a problem, lagging and dropping frames do it yourself. Go to Settings then Graphics for changing.

  1. Play Smartly

The player needs to play smartly to win the game. Take each step delicately by taking your time. No need to hurry. Always select the right weapon.

Think, Plan, and Attack!

  1. Use Of Vehicles

If you use the car at the start of the game, it is useful for you to reach a safe area quickly.

  1. PUBG With Friends

The real fun begins when you start playing with your friends. You can play with one friend or team-up with a group of friends. But you need to communicate with your squad and if you’re not playing with a friend sitting with you it becomes more difficult to communicate. If you’re playing in a squad it increases the chances of winning chicken dinner because you’re planning, working, and helping each other together.


You can use these 5 tips and tricks to win the Chicken Dinner.

To watch game trailer Click Here.

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