How to Turn Off Narrator in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Turn Off Narrator in Minecraft?

turn off narrator in minecraft

Players of Minecraft frequently discuss how they desire to disable the in-game narrator because they find it to be redundant and unpleasant. It makes sense that even though the narrator was included as a tool to aid in the story, it isn’t actually necessary.

Thankfully, you have the option to disable it in-game. You may learn how to disable the narrator in Minecraft by reading this article. For the same, follow the below-listed procedures!

The 1.12 Java Edition update to Minecraft brought in a feature known as the narrator. It may now be used in Bedrock Edition as well. The in-game text, communications, kill feeds, and more may all be viewed with this tool. It might be a distraction if used improperly, but it is incredibly beneficial for players who need to hear instructions or who are unable to see the words on the screen.

Here is how gamers on different platforms may disable the narrator if they don’t want it to be active.

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How to Turn Off Narrator in Minecraft?

turn off narrator in minecraft

The voice that reads everything on the screen is useful, but it’s not always necessary. You may disable the narrator in Minecraft in a number of different methods, as listed below:

For Xbox users, follow these instructions to turn off the narrator’s voice:
Accessibility is located at the top of the settings menu; selecting it will reveal a selection on the right that includes Enable UI Screen Reader.
You should no longer be bothered by the narrator if you select this option from the switch on the left.
Additionally, when using your controller, push the three-lined menu button in the bottom right corner after holding the Xbox button until the controller vibrates.

turn off narrator in minecraft

The text on the screen should now stop being read by your narrator.
Additionally, press the Xbox button to bring up the instructions.
Find settings by selecting profile & system next.
The narrator’s choices may be found under Ease of Access.
Here, you may switch it off and, if necessary, switch it back on using the same procedures.

For PC users, perform the following actions to disable the narrator:
While pressing the Windows Start key, hold down Ctrl and Enter at the same time.
On the screen, a notification will show up.
To turn off the narrator again, press Windows+Ctrl+Enter once again.
In addition to the action indicated above, holding down Ctrl and B on a computer will also switch off the narrator.
This modifies Minecraft’s speech and sound settings. The narrator may be disabled from here as well.

There is nothing else. In Minecraft, it’s quite easy to disable voice narration. We wrote this guide to help you; we hope you found it useful. Check out this instruction on how to download the Lego Texture Pack in Minecraft if you enjoy playing the game.



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