How to Turn On Keep Inventory in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Turn On Keep Inventory in Minecraft?

Turn On Keep Inventory in Minecraft

The game Minecraft has a strong focus on resource gathering. At least for those who choose to play in tough or survival mode as opposed to creative mode, which offers infinite supplies from the creative inventory. There are countless methods for altering the various parameters and game rules available to individuals who have cheats enabled.

Keeping inventory true is one of the choices offered to gamers who prefer a more laid-back experience with Minecraft.

Complete Guide

How to Turn On Keep Inventory in Minecraft?

What does the Minecraft command “keep inventory” do?

Turn On Keep Inventory in Minecraft
As the name implies, it is a command that lets gamers preserve their inventory even after passing away. Normally, when a person dies in Minecraft, their belongings are left lying about in a circle on the ground. The things on the floor despawn after a certain amount of time, 6000 in-game ticks, or precisely five minutes.

Noting that this is five minutes of loaded time is important. As a result, the timer won’t begin to run until the player is near enough to the scene of their death for the chunks to load. Following chunk loading, the item’s despawn timer starts.

A game parameter called “keep inventory” isn’t always accessible from the menu. Players will need to play on a planet with cheats allowed in order to modify or update the settings. The game views the ability to toggle the keep inventory as a “cheat” because it can be done with console instructions.

how to make “keep inventory” active

Turn On Keep Inventory in Minecraft
Fortunately, the command needed to turn on retain inventory is rather straightforward. Either the forward slash input must be entered after opening the conversation, or the forward slash button must be pressed to open the chat.

Players must now enter the word “game rule” without the quotations. By using this command function, the player can inform the game that they want to change one of the world’s laws. Then add a space, put “keep inventory” without the quotation marks, then “true” without the quotation marks.

This instructs the game to “maintain inventory.” However, the world must also permit the usage of this capability. DoFireTick, which regulates fire, and mob griefing, which regulates enemies like creepers and enderman moving or breaking blocks, are additional game rules.


What makes gamers want to “maintain inventory”?

There aren’t many things in Minecraft that are as frustrating as dying close to a fire or when mining close to a lava pool and losing all of your possessions. This irritation can be lessened by the game’s keep inventory rule since players won’t lose their possessions when they die. This saves a tonne of time.

This is a fantastic alternative for both seasoned players pursuing other objectives and beginner players who don’t want to get weighed down by item acquisition.




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