Unlocking The Panda Set and Getting lots of Sandwiches in PUBG Mobile

As a new season begins, many players begin grinding for the new obtainables. Tencent Gaming has been releasing visually appealing skins for some time and they are always worth the grind.

It is fun anyway, to play for games on end. We will help to guide you through the requirements of these sets and these obtainables usually follow the same criteria so look at your event icon often.

Following the missions will always land you closer to any skin you might want in the future and the sandwiches in this season are no different.


For Instance, you are required to kill 3 enemies for a sandwich, and 15 kills would land you 3 sandwiches after that.

It is very straightforward, log in daily and claim these kills and enjoy your sandwiches.


PUBG mobile

The Comfortable Panda Set


Panda Set


This new set will only require you to obtain 40 sandwiches to be obtained, you will need multiple logins on different days to hit this milestone.

However, it is very easy to do just by playing the game, but it would be helpful to have some sort of mission aspect to all of your games.

Also, kills beyond the first sandwich do count, so you might want these sandwiches but your main objective should remain to get that chicken dinner.

Have fun and if you need some tips to get better at the game or get a higher rank, you can read our guide here and here.


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