How to Use An Enchanting Book in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Use An Enchanting Book in Minecraft?

Use An Enchanting Book in Minecraft

Exploring enchantments in Minecraft is always fun. The possibilities are truly endless, ranging from having superpowers in the sandbox game to durable equipment. Additionally, you can apply the majority of these enchantments—but not all—using an enchanting table.

You need enchanted books in Minecraft to fully utilize all of the in-game enchantments. For this reason, the majority of this article will be devoted to using enchanted books in Minecraft. Additionally, we are providing some hints that you might utilize to locate them. But first, we must make an anvil; more on that later, before we can utilize these books. Let’s get started by learning how to use enchanted books in Minecraft right now.


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In Minecraft, Where Can I Find Enchanted Books?

Use An Enchanting Book in Minecraft
It’s very hard to identify a specific enchantment, but it’s a lot simpler to locate a charming book. Providing you know where to look for it, that is. We have broken down the many ways to get these books into distinct parts to make things as simple as possible. So, before learning how to utilize enchanted books in Minecraft, you can easily locate them.

Even among these, the level 30 enchanted books can only be discovered in strongholds or temples in the jungle in Minecraft. Additionally, only the bastion fragments include the books with the soul speed enchantment.

Mob Drop and fishing

Use An Enchanting Book in Minecraft
Even though it’s extremely rare that these strategies would succeed for you, you can get enchanted books by fishing and slaying monsters. Enchanted books with a level cap of 30 are a rare item that, with any luck, you might be able to find. Similar to this, killing vindicators and pillagers in raids in Minecraft Bedrock Edition has a slim possibility of dropping an enchanted book with a level 30 enchantment.

How to Use An Enchanting Book in Minecraft?

Use An Enchanting Book in Minecraft

Now set your freshly made anvil atop a surface. Anvil in Minecraft follows gravity, unlike other game blocks. Therefore, you cannot leave it hanging in the air. Additionally, be sure to gather enough experience orbs before using it to cover the cost of each enchantment. Your experience meter, which is seen at the bottom of the screen directly beneath your health and hunger bars, will fill up as a result.


It’s time to employ enchanted books in Minecraft after you have enough experience points and them:

1. Verify that the equipment and the enchantment you’re intending to utilize are compatible. On the official Minecraft support page, which is available via the URL provided. We are attempting to enchant a trident with loyalty as part of our instruction.

Notably, you can occasionally use incompatible enchantments on specific items in Minecraft; however, doing so has no effect on the targeted item.

2. When you are certain that the two are compatible, open the anvil and set the magical book in the appropriate cell. Place the object you wish to enchant after that in the left cell. The placing in reverse doesn’t work. The price of the enchantment, for which you require enough experience points, is now shown on the anvil. Using the column at the top, you may easily edit the item’s name.


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