How to Use Elytra in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Use Elytra in Minecraft?

use elytra in minecraft

There is a different approach you can take if you want to find a way to fly without only using the creative mode of the game. The elytra is a very uncommon item that, if you’re lucky enough to find one, can fulfill your dreams of gliding in survival mode.

We’ll discuss how to get an Elytra in this article, as well as how to use it to your advantage.

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How to Use Elytra in Minecraft?

use elytra in minecraft

Elytra, as previously established, is a cape-like garment that, when worn, may give you the power to fly—at least, as long as you don’t gain too much speed and crash into anything too quickly. You will sustain damage if you fly into anything with too much momentum.

However, it may still be a useful tool to employ while traveling more conveniently from point A to point B. The cape will instantly provide you with the useful ability to fly if you just click the jump button while in the air.


In Survival Mode, how do you put on Elytra?

use elytra in minecraft
To start, you must reach a conclusion. Enter this realm by passing through the closest end portal you can find.
Step 2: Look for the finished city on the fringes of the final dimension. You need to locate an end ship from there.
Step 3: Locate the ship’s treasure chamber, where you should find the Elytra.
You should now be able to fly if you put it on from your item inventory and equipped it in the chest plate slot.


How are Elytra put on in creative mode?

use elytra in minecraft
Use the item search bar to look for the Elytra, then equip it in the chest plate slot. In Creative Mode, the procedure is significantly more straightforward.
What are the Minecraft Elytra uses?
As previously indicated, if you leap while in the air, your elytra should activate and give you the ability to glide.
When the cape-like object is performing its job, its wings will extend out like those of a beetle. Your flight’s speed will drop as you gain height, but lowering altitude has the reverse effect.

Step 2: As was previously said, a significant portion of your speed is determined by how you descend or ascend, making momentum essential to specific speeds. Whatever direction you are drifting in, keep this in mind.
Elytra will always move at a minimal pace. When raising mentioned speed, it becomes quite convenient to go at 7.2 m/s.
Step 3: Using fireworks as rockets in your hands will help you regulate and accelerate your flight if you want to boost its propulsion.


The use of the Elytra is among its most crucial features. With such rare equipment, each second of flight will reduce durability by one point, giving you a total of seven minutes and 12 seconds of flying time without repairs.

So that you may intentionally perform repairs without really destroying the thing, keep this in mind.

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