Valheim Beginner’s guide: 10 Best tips and tricks.

Valheim, a Norse open-world survival game has become wildly popular on Steam since its launch earlier this month. In the first week itself, it has sold over a million copies.

The world of Valheim is full of danger and it can feel pretty overwhelming at first. You are expected to figure things out yourself, which seems very daunting in the beginning. Fortunately, the beginner’s guide below will help in making you a better Viking.

In this guide, we go over some essential tips for Valheim beginners that should help you in your goal to conquer the land. Building a base camp out of abandoned houses is a vital thing to keep in mind. they not only provide shelter but are also a good source of wood and other resources. There are plenty of other tips and tricks like this. So make sure to read the article till the end before you begin your Viking adventure.

Build a base camp

After dropping off the Viking battle bus your first goal is going to be building up a base camp. You will need a fireplace to keep warm once the night kicks in. A bed next to that fire so you can sleep through the night and have a respawn point. And a workbench so you can start creating more advanced tools and building structures.

Use abandoned houses as early shelter

For the bed to work, it needs to be covered by a shelter. You can place down a workbench and start building your house right away or even create the most barebone requirements for a shelter.

Abandoned house in valheim


But the best course of action would be to take advantage of the many abandoned houses lying around. They typically have just enough room to fit a bed, chest, and maybe even a workbench. It will be the perfect temporary accommodation for you while you build your dream house. Just make sure there isn’t a beehive already set up shop.

Bee hive in Valheim

However, abandoned houses aren’t just good for early game housing or the occasional chest. Fun fact they are made out of wood and an excellent way to gather the resource quickly. Don’t waste time with your ax though. That is simply too slow.

Instead, place a workbench next to the structure. Workbenches allow you to build structures in a certain range of them. You can also dismantle any structure in that range. This means that using this method you can dismantle abandoned homes in seconds while collecting the wood in the process. Just keep in mind that this will whittle down the durability of your hammer quite quickly.

Building a house in Valheilm

Now comes the time to build your first home. Here are few tips to make it easier for you.

Flattening land with a hoe

The terrain in Valheim is rarely flat and smooth which might be a source of frustration for first-time builders. This is why you should first flatten the ground you are going to build on using the hoe. You can craft one at a workbench that is covered by a shelter. Keep in mind that this isn’t Minecraft and you cannot completely transform the landscape. The hoe is good for basic flattening and raising the ground to get it smooth enough for a foundation for your home.

Building house in Valheim

But what’s the best way to build a home? Well, these abandoned homes lying around are build using the same pieces you can create. This means you can simply copy or use them as inspiration when building your first structure. It is recommended that you make yours larger so that you get plenty of space to move around and fill it with stuff.

Finally, you may struggle with getting building pieces to connect. In that case, instead of trying to place it where you want it to be, aim your reticle at the side of the piece you want to connect it to.

Repair tools easily

repair tools at workbench

You are likely to go through a few axes and hammers while gathering the necessary materials for your home. However, the item doesn’t break once you have exhausted them. So, how do you repair them? Well, turns out it is quite easy. Once you have your workbench under a shelter you can craft and upgrade items and tools. On the left of the menu, you will find a square icon with a hammer symbol. Tap that to repair one of your tools. And that’s it, no cost or materials necessary.

Boost your skills

list of skills in Valheim

Once your basic needs are out of the way, you should start working on your character’s ever-growing list of skills. You can do that by simply performing the respective action. Like chopping trees increases your ax cutting, shooting arrows increases your archery, and so on. These skills are invaluable as they will carry over if you bring your character to a different server saving you the hassle of completely starting from scratch. Be warned though a penalty for dying is losing skill levels. So, make sure not to be too risky.

You will naturally level up these skills by playing the game. But if you want to improve certain skills you can spend the time in a rigorous training montage.

We hope these beginner tips and tricks for Valheim will help you get started in your Viking journey. If you have any good advice for those starting that we missed, post them in the comments below and help a fellow player out. Good luck becoming a Viking warrior!







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