Valheim Boars: Best way to tame and breed them

You are going to enjoy taming and breeding Valheim boar. In Valheim, the boar is the first animal that you will encounter after being dropped off by Hugin the raven. They may seem to be threatened by you initially but if you take the right steps you can tame and breed a Valheim boar.

Why tame and breed boars in Valheim? This is because boars will be the most reliable source for a steady supply of meat and leather. It is recommended that you set up a farm and take in these creatures early on to become self-sufficient. Apart from that, a tamed boar will eventually start loving you that feels really sweet.

In this simple guide, you will learn the best ways in which you can tame and breed Valheim boars. You will also find additional tips on how to care for and feed your boars and make boar trophies in the process. So, make sure to read it till the end. If you are new to Valheim make sure to check out our beginner’s guide to help you begin your journey in Valheim.

How to tame a Valheim boar for meat and leather?

Boars are easily available in the meadows. But before you attempt to tame one, you need to prepare a few things.

Firstly, you will need to craft some fence panels on your Valheim workbench. You will need to collect some wood for this. In addition to that, you will need to stock up on berries, carrots, and mushrooms to feed your boars and calm them.

Just like boars in the real-world, Valheim boars will treat you as a threat and attack when you meet them the first time. However, they are not so strong and won’t be able to kill you in one hit. But it is recommended to be equipped with leather armor just in case.


Steps to tame a Valheim boar:

valheim boar pen

  • Construct a pen with a gate. The boars may try to break out of the pen by continuously hitting the fence. So, it will be better to use the double fence for the boundary of the pen. Also, make sure there is no fire near the pen as the boars are easily frightened by fire.
  • Find a boar and get close to it so that it starts chasing you.
  • Make them follow you inside the pen and then close the gate to trap them.
  • Now drop some food like berries, carrots, or mushrooms inside the pen. You need to press the tab to open the inventory, left-click on the piggy snack, and left-click again on where you want to drop the food. The boars will eat them when they are hungry.

The boars will hesitate to eat if you stand too close. So, make sure to walk away after dropping the food. After they are done eating small yellow hearts will appear above them.

a tamed valheim boar

The boars keep moving around the pen before they are ready for a tasty snack. It will take a few days before they get comfortable around you. You can hover your cursor over them to check how close they are to getting tamed. Once you have tamed them you can even pet them.

How to breed boars in Valheim

valheim boar and piggy

Now that you have a pen full of tamed boars, you can get them to start breeding. Try to expand your pen and get more boars as you will be killing one or two every day for meat and leather.

You can feed them more carrots and mushrooms as they are believed to encourage breeding. The boars after eating will get close to each other. Once they start breeding there will be a flurry of pink hearts around them. After making a few squeaking noises a small piggy will spawn next to the boars. These piggies will be automatically tamed once they grow up.

Keep in mind to feed your boars regularly so that they stay happy and keep breeding. The more happy boars you have in the pen the more is the chance of new births that will increase your boar population. Thereby providing you with a steady supply of meat and leather.

This was all about how to tame and breed boars in Valheim. If you have any more queries or suggestions related to Valheim boars, mention them in the comments section.

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