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Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a sigle-role playing game developed and published by Sega and in 2018. Before the launching of Valkyria Chronicles 4, sega had launched the three Valkyria Chroncles in the past. These 4 games are the main part of the Valkyria Chronicles series. This article will focus on the different squads stories collection and will guide about unlocking the squads.


How Do Squad Stories Appear?

Despite the fact that you can unlock all the squad members, you do not need to have all the members in your active squad. However, you need to be capable of accessing those members. You can easily unlock squad stories by completing a mission or a member reaches the higher level called Corporal rank.
As Pavlissimus suggested that spending 40 CP on a unit on the first skirmish map is quick and stress-free to achieve. In addition, Benderman24 states, that normal missions are twice as effective, so spending 20 CP on one of the previous map is more efficient in a way that you can easily complete easy missions.

I am presenting a List of Squad Stories For you:

List of Squad Stories

Following are the list of squad stories, when they are available and in which chapter. Every information is available.

A Chivalrous Heart – Earliest Available: Post-Game.

Christel, Minerva

A Prayer for the Broken – Earliest Available: Chapter 3.

Godwin, Nico, Rosetta

All the Single Ladies – Earliest Available: Chapter 6
Brittany, Millennia, Rita

Gambler’s Ruin – Earliest Available: Chapter 3
Connor, Jester, Teresa

Girl in the Iron Mask – Earliest Available: Chapter 4
Ferrier, Jean, Stanley

Honor, Pride and Regret – Earliest Available: Chapter 3
Fleuret, Mabel (Special), Rebecca

Legacies Left – Earliest Available: Chapter 8
Keigel, Ronald, Ryan

Like Old Times – Earliest Available: Chapter 3

Curtis, Eileen (Special), Laurent

Love and Logic – Earliest Available: Chapter 9
Aoife, Hanna, Jascha

Mischief Makers – Earliest Available: Chapter 3
Emmy, Simon (Special), Viola

Reluctant Solitude (Special) – Earliest Available: Post-Game
Louffe, Stahlschrott

Soul of the Navy (Special) – Earliest Available: Post-Game
Andre, Brian, Sergio

The Price of Skill – Earliest Available: Chapter 8
Aladdin, Leonhardt, Neige

To Live Unbound – Earliest Available: Chapter 9

Azusa, Norid, Scott

Treading New Ground – Earliest Available: Chapter 4
Aulard, Dan

Unfortunate Souls – Earliest Available: Chapter 5
Jimmy, Lily, Odin

Worlds Apart – Earliest Available: Chapter 5
Gertrude (Special), Vancey, Zaiga

Special Recruits

To unlock special recruits, you need to have some pre-requisites.

Eileen (Engineer) – It can allow Curtis to enter in to the critical state during a mission and then save him.
Gertrude (Lancer) – You must have 1,000,000 dct in your account.

Mabel (Sniper) – Must complete 3 Squad Stories.

Simon (Shocktrooper) – You must have an order of 5 decorations.

Stahlschrott (Grenadier) – You should complete into the Woods in post-game.

Christel (Scout) – You must have to use the Cenotaph in the post-game.

André (Engineer), Brian (Scout), Louffe (Grenadier), Sergio (Lancer) -In a post-game you must be completed with a fire.


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