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#1 Warframe – The best way to get many rewards


It is a game that can be played by more than one player via the Internet. In this game, players can control the members of Tenno, which is a race of ancient warriors with many different factions. Also, the warfram is powered by and Tenno uses these frames with many weapons to carry out missions, and Players can purchase in-game items for real money, and there are many items that are available for free. 

Warframe – What about the rank of mastery? 

It can be abbreviated as (MR), which is a way to get to know the total stages the player has gone through and the points that he was able to achieve by ranking up Warframes, Weapons, Companions or Archwings, through Affinity and also successfully completing Junctions and nodes on the Star Chart and players can See their own rating by clicking on their avatar 


Warframe – What features will give you the mastery rating? 

1- Access to equipment 

2- It raises the limit for void traces, Extractors, Syndicate. 

3- Increases the daily trading limit 

4- Every increase in ranks results in an increase in the maximum accumulation of the effects of emptiness by 50% 

5- The Mastery Sigil changes every 3 levels 


Warframe – How can the player see his mastery arrangement? 

As we mentioned before, the player can see his progress and special arrangement by clicking on his avatar. But can the player see the profile of the team members? Yes, of course, he can see this with one click on the profile under the equipment tab, in addition to that he can display the information of other players in the chat or by 

   Select the name and then click on “Profile” 

Warframe – How to increase the level of mastery 

There are many ways to earn mastery points that I will show you below: 

1 – Arrange the weapons and weapons Archwing and you will get 100 mastery points for each salary until you reach the 30th position, thus the total score is 3000 and the standard weapons must be classified as Zaws and Kitguns, then arrange them again and you will get points 

2- For the Warframes, Companions, Archwings, and K-Drives classification, 200 points are awarded for each grade, for a total of 6000 points, in addition to that K-Drives do not require gilding in order to provide points. 

3- Winning the opponent in an intersection gives 1000 mastery points 

4- Each rank of Railjack’s internal features provides 1,500 points 

5- Scanning the main target for the first time provides 36 mastery points 


You should be aware of the following: 


1- Each individual device grants its mastery points only once 

2- Selling grade 30 equipment, then buying it and using it again will not give you mastery points 

3- Having a copy of the equipment with a maximum rating will not give you mastery points 

4- Selling equipment below the maximum, then buying and reusing it, will only give you points on the ranks that were not previously acquired. 



Note the following: 


If the player passes the ranking test, the next level of mastery will be filled with points in excess of the amount required to advance in the ranking, so do not miss it. 


Warframe- How can you upgrade your Warframe and how do you do it and can you obtain mastery and looting ranks at the same time? 


Yes, it is possible to obtain mastery and looting ranks at the same time 

by : 

1- Go to your Arsenal 

2- Make a separate download and name it as you like 

3- When the download is complete, prepare a new Warframe 


Note the following: 

  If you regenerate the same Warframe or weapon via Forma it is not valid 


Here I will explain two ways to upgrade your Warframe 


Warframe-The first way (is the slowest) 


You can ask me what about this method and why is it the slowest? 

Okay! I will answer your questions 

You must have a level 0 weapon, whether you recently manufactured or purchased it 

It is slower because, for example, if you have 3 weapons from Level 0, your xp will be distributed between each other, because XP (Affinity) is shared between Gear 

These weapons at this level take longer to reach the maximum level together 



Warframe-The second way (the fastest) 

You can also ask me what about this method and why is it faster than the first method? 

Well let’s go to answer you 

This way, you will only choose one level 0 weapon 

It is the fastest because you only have one weapon, so XP will only go towards this weapon, so it doesn’t take long to reach the maximum level, unlike the first method. 



Warframe-The stage of getting loot 

Have you finished downloading the Mastery Rank? Well now get your loot and according to the effects you want you will have to do defensive missions 


If you ask me about my opinion about any task you can choose it? I will suggest you IO – Jupiter 

Why? Because this mission is on a small defense map, you will get XP (Affinity) as soon as you can. Repeat this step as you like. If you are not bothered by Grinding 

Note: You will find Fissures in every defense mission that you have to use to gain mastery rank and get a lot of loot. 


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