How to watch Narcos Mexico Season 3 for free without Netflix

Watch Netflix’s original show without having Netflix!

Watch Narcos Mexico Season 3 for free without Netflix

Whether you love it or not, Narcos Mexico is definitely one of the best series on Netflix. These are not my opinion, the rating for this show says this itself.

One user on YouTube commented on Narcos Mexico season 3 trailer, saying “I buy Netflix only for this show.” I bet he does. But everyone aren’t that bougie, including me.

That is why I have found upto 5 methods to watch Narcos Mexico season 3 for free without Netflix.

Warning: Make sure to read the “You should know” section of this article, since it contains valuable information about the websites and how to find them when they are down. 

1. Putlocker

Putlocker featuring Narcos Mexico

An easy, fast and reliable website. There are thousands of show to watch from and upto 1080p quality.

Putlocker provides three servers to watch your favourite movies/shows from. Netflix is no exception.

You can find almost every episode of Netflix on Putlocker and same goes for Narcos Mexico.

Putlocker has all three seasons of Narcos Mexico in HD.

All you have to do is open their website with the link given below and search for Narcos Mexico on the search bar of the website and you will find three season of the show. Watch any of them according to your need.

Link to Putlocker.

2. YesMovies

Yesmovies Narcos Mexico season 3

From Amazon prime to Netflix movies, Yesmovies has an extensive amount of movies/show library. While it can be bit hectic to find movies on other websites, this website has a clean interface for its user.

All you have to do is go to their website and search for movie of your choice and there you have it.

However for shows like Narcos mexico this can be a bit tricky, therefore, I have attached the direct link to Narcos Mexico season 3 on Yesmovies.

Link to Yesmovies.

3. Soap2dayHD

Soap2dayHD Narcos Mexico season 3

Soap2dayHD is another video streaming website that provides shows and movies from every OTT platform like Amazon prime and Netflix for free.

It also has all the seasons of Narcos Mexico in HD.

You can even download these episodes from the website for free!

Link to Soap2dayHD

4. Ymovies


What I like the most about the website is the community section. I find it a lot interesting when I hear about other people’s review on the movie or show I am watching.

Not only that it has a social option but also this website features all its content in HD quality. And there will only be few instances where you will not find your favourite show because they keep the websites movie library to the latest.

Narcos Mexico has all its three season on Ymovies and you can watch it with the link given below:


5. StreamonHD


Who doesn’t like knowing all about the show they are watching. StreamonHD has a layout very similar to what a paid video streaming website would have like Amazon prime and Netflix.

Not only you can watch your favourite shows and movies but also know about its info under “Info” tab, its cast under “cast” tab and much more.

StreamonHD features all three seasons of Narcos Mexico on its website. All of them are free and in HD.

Get to StreamonHD using this link.

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You should know

While all of the above website are safe and should not give you any type of virus, please be aware and do not send or enter any type of personal data on the website given above.

If you are unable to reach to the desired website, it might be because the website’s domain is already taken down. In these type of cases its better to search the website name on google.


Do i need to watch narcos season 3 before narcos mexico?

No. There is no need to watch Narcos season 3 to watch Narcos Mexico. However, you should consider watching the other three season.

How accurate is narcos mexico?

Narcos Mexico has stick to the correct timeline. However, to make the show more interesting many character’s portayal isn’t correct.



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