Where to watch anime online? 17 Website lists

Where to watch anime online?

Where to watch anime online: Over 2 billion people watches anime. While many of them has a paid anime streaming websites, most of them are not just as lucky. That is why today I have bought 17 Best Websites that will let you watch anime for free.

where to watch anime online

Before going into the main content, lets overview the websites.

The 17 best websites to watch anime for free are:

  1. KissAnime
  2. 9Anime
  3. GoGoAnime
  4. Animedao
  5. AnimeSimple
  6. Twistmoe
  7. SoulAnime
  8. Anime-Flix
  9. CartoonCrazy
  10. ChiaAnime
  11. Myanimelist
  12. AnimeFrenzy
  13. AnimeHeaven
  14. TioAnime
  15. Youtube
  16. AnimeLand
  17. AnimeFLV

For the link of these websites please follow along the article. 

1. KissAnime


Kissanime was one of the biggest free online anime streaming website until recently when the website was shut down in 2020. Luckily there are so many clones of Kissanime that are already out on internet and I have got my hands on the best one.

While these clones don’t provide ad-free anime streaming they have an massive amount of anime library.

Click here for the direct link to Kissanime.

2. 9Anime


9Anime is another free anime streaming website from Japan. It has been hosted on many different domains. 9Anime features a massive amount of anime library to watch from and keeps the library updated to the latest.

There will only be rare cases where you will miss your favourite anime.

Click here for the direct link to 9Anime.

3. GoGoAnime


GoGo is my personal favourite website. It has a really neat look to it. There are very few ads and a lot of different server to watch your anime from. There are total of 4 servers and the main server sometimes gets crowded, therefore, you can use the other 3 servers.

If you are looking for a fast and less ad containing website then GoGoanime is the way to go!

Click here for the direct link to GoGoanime. 

4. Animedao


Animedao is another streaming website that will let you watch anime for free. It features clean and neat look and less ads. One of the main issues that you will run into while using Animedao is that, this website gets taken down frequently. Therefore, you’ll have to be ready to find it again hosted on different domain.

The website is virus free and have many security checkpoints that is why you are safe while using it.

Direct link to AnimeDao.

5. AnimeSimple


Looking for an awesome, clean and free website? Look no further because animesimple got it all. From Naruto to one piece, this website keeps its library updated to the latest. Less ads and faster loading time is what makes this website the perfect candidate for the sweet spot of #5 on our list.

Direct link to Animesimple.

6. Twistmoe


Twistmoe is an easy to use website. It has some anime that you cannot find on other website and features both subbed and dubbed version of them(If they are available)

However, while watching an anime on Twistmoe, you will have a lot of ads. An ad blocker can be good but sometimes even it cannot avoid the ads.

Direct link to Twistmoe. 

7. SoulAnime 


SoulAnime is one of the coolest free anime streaming website out there. I love the feature of random anime, where it suggests you one random anime to watch.

You can get hold of a lot of anime that you never heard of before with this method.

Direct link to SoulAnime.

8. Anime-Flix


Anime-Flix is hands down one of the easiest website to use. You will have a big search bar right at the start of the website and a lot of animes on the downside.

Not only this, you can even comment on your watched anime and share your experience with other viewers.

Direct link to Anime-Flix.

9. CartoonCrazy 


While the name can trigger some otakus but the content in this website will not.

Cartooncrazy is not the ideal website to watch anime on but it does the work when other websites are not working.

Direct link to Cartooncrazy. 

10. ChiaAnime 


If you are new to watching animes then Chiaanime should be your go-to website to watch them. Not only that it has one of the best discussion/comment box but easily accessible library of animes.

While the ads might bother you but the quality of animes will not.

Direct link to ChiaAnime. 

11. Myanimelist 


Myanimelist has extensive amount of feature to use. Most of them are extremely useful for anime viewers.

My favourite feature of this website will definitely be the watch time viewer. Using this feature you can see the hours you are spending watching anime and it can definitely help you if you are addicted to watching them.

Direct link to Myanimelist.

12. AnimeFrenzy 


While AnimeFrenzy can easily top this list. The only down factor is that this website has adult content in it.

Mostly hentai which might not be suitable for someone who is a minor. However It can easily be tackled since the page has an in-built age checkpoint.

Direct link to AnimeFrenzy. 

13. AnimeHeaven 


AnimeHeaven is the website identical to AnimeFrenzy. If you are able to use AnimeFrenzy properly you can use this website too. If not, the layout is quite simple and all the animes can be found on the homepage.

Direct link to AnimeHeaven. 

14. TioAnime 


This website is in a different language but it doesn’t make it not being worthy of being in this list. Hands down the most elegant design. It has a lot of shows to watch from and many of them are in English sub.

It might be hard to get a dubbed anime but for people who watches anime in subs, this is heaven.

Direct link to TioAnime. 

15. YouTube 


We all already know what is YouTube and how to use it but many don’t know that it has a lot of anime. While it might be hard to find them but they are certainly there and with a little bit of search, you can easily find it.

Link to a YouTube channel that posts animes. 

16. AnimeLand 


Animeland has this back to school type layout which makes it feel nostalgic to watch anime on it. Not only that it has this unique design to it but it also features a lot of animes you can watch from!

Direct link to AnimeLand. 

17. AnimeFLV


AnimeFLV is an anime streaming website with a different language. Many users can have problems  with using this website, this is certainly the only one out there that lets you download animes without ads.

If are expert at using anime website then this website is definitely the way to go.

Direct link to AnimeFLV. 


While most link here works, these anime websites definitely don’t have any permission to show us the animes for free. That is why they get taken down. However, you can easily find the anime website just by typing their name on google since they host themselves again, in a short amount of time.

Make sure to not get too addicted to animes, which can be harmful for your help but since they are so entertaining one cannot help themselves much. That is why the one website I recommend the most in this article is my animelist.

Anyhow, have a great time watching anime!

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