Which Controller is Best for PUBG Mobile?

Before going into discussion about controllers that which one is best and which one is worst, one must be aware that are controllers available in PUBG Mobile?

Although PUBG Mobile officials has said that there are not any Bluetooth connected controllers right away. But there are few manufacturers manufacturing gadgets that help players win the battle. These are essential triggers that clip onto your phone and allow you to shoot without lifting thumbs from screen. Theses triggers works on both Android and IOS devices as they have no software components.

These triggers are available in two types: one with just clips and other in which you fit your entire phone into an enclosure. These are not designed for PUBG Mobile, these can be used for other mobile games too. These triggers are shown in following figures:

  1. Only Clips


2. Enclosure:


Apart from these triggers, players also stick “joystick” on the screen of their mobile phone. This cup shaped stick will install on screen protector and will not harm any portion of phone. You can wash your screen when you have done with the game. As it will cover your screen, can hide some controls. This is not expensive, therefore PUBG Mobile lovers will not loose this if they got a shoot by buying this.



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