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Why Mad City Casino Heist is a Good Bet

Why Mad City Casino Heist is a Good Bet 1

Mad City casino

Gamers have fallen for the blocky but fun characters in Mad City. The Roblox game is an open-world action game that pits various teams against one another, namely Police, Prisoners, Criminals, Heroes, and Villains.

As that selection implies, this game is something of a cops and robbers genre. While we all (hopefully) like to be on the right side of the law in real life, it sure is nice to kick back and be a badass once in a while.

So, taking on the persona of a dangerous armed robber becomes appealing. It seemed to work well for Grand Theft Auto, after all.

Being an armed robber is not much fun and certainly not rewarding financially if you have nowhere to rob. Thankfully, Mad City is full of high-value targets, namely:

Some of those seem like more obvious targets than others. Bank robbery is one of the oldest professions in the book; we all know jewelry stores get raided, and pirates have been targeting cargo ships for hundreds of years.

But who would rob a tram? You might get a couple of folks with their weekly shop, but that’s about it.

One destination that jumps out is the casino. But actually, it makes perfect sense.

In any large town or city, one of the most cash-rich places is the local casino. But why is the casino such a good place to rob?

It’s Swimming with Cash

In a real casino, punters roll up, hand over wads of cash to the cage, and exchange cash for gaming chips. They then use these at the tables to enjoy games like blackjack, roulette, or baccarat. When they have finished and presuming they have any chips left, they return to the cage and exchange their chips back for cash.

That’s all well and good, except most of the folks will lose their chips, meaning the amount of cash in the casino cage grows over the course of a day, making it an ideal target for the determined armed robbery gang, like those in Mad City.

All of this is different from an online casino, of course, where your money is safe and cannot be targeted by armed robbers. In fact, being secure is an important aspect of these platforms, and you also get an impressive selection of games, just as you would at a real casino like the one depicted in Mad City.

Have you ever wondered why people lose so much money to the casino? It’s not actually because they are terrible at playing games like blackjack, but rather that every single casino game has something called the house edge or the house advantage. This is the statistically proven percentage amount that the player is expected to lose, based on the odds in a game.

For example, in blackjack, even the most experienced players face a casino house edge of 0.5%, which means they are expected to lose 50c from every $100 that they bet. But the house edge in some games is much higher. In American roulette, the house edge is a whopping 5.25%, so you lose $5.25 for each $100 you bet.

Most gamblers or recreational casino players accept the house edge for what it is – a small tax on their gaming entertainment. Logically, if there was no house edge, then casinos would go bust fairly rapidly – and then nobody would have anywhere to go and have fun.

So, this is the background as to why the casino is such a good place to rob in Mad City – there’s loads of cash swimming around.

Another reason why it might be a good place to rob is that the casino gets very busy, and any shady-looking character might fit in very well. If everyone who looked suspicious in a casino was thrown out, there would not be many people left!

In the real world, of course, robbing a casino is not that easy. Firstly, any casino has a huge security team, complete with the latest surveillance and intelligence technology. Secondly, you can’t just walk up to a casino cage, open the door, and rob the place.

The cage is like an enclosed bank. There are security grills, locked doors, safes, and more to navigate, and by the time you have found your way to the loot, the cops are already running through the door.

That doesn’t stop the filmmakers from enjoying the idea, though. Who can forget Oceans 11, the film starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Matt Damon (among others.)

Stick to the Game

Clearly, we don’t recommend you head out and commit an armed robbery of any sort. Fire up your computer or console and play a game like GTA 5 or Mad City instead. You can then act up the big robber and rob a casino. At least you now know why there is so much cash on the premises.


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