Top 5 Wireless gaming mouse under $100

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If you are into PC gaming, a good gaming mouse can work wonders for you. A sensor that constantly tracks with accuracy will help you land your shots on target all the time. Further, you will be able to navigate the gaming world with more ease and speed. 

However, accurate tracking is not the only thing you should expect from your mouse. There is more to what a gaming mouse can do and becoming wireless is one of the most useful ones.

A wireless gaming mouse can have a significant impact on your gaming. Not having the resistance of a wire connected to your PC will significantly improve your gaming. 

There is a general perception that wireless mouse for gaming cost a lot. However, here you will find the top 5 wireless gaming mice under $100. But if you have even more budgetary constraints, you can also check out our top 5 wireless gaming mice under $20.

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse under $100

  1. ROCCAT Kain 202

  2. Alienware AW610M

  3. ASUS ROG Gladius II

  4. Corsair Ironclaw

  5. Redragon M801 


ROCCAT Kain 202 AIMO RGB Gaming Mouse

ROCCAT Kain 202

ROCCAT Owl-Eye Optical sensor with 16,000dpi. 1,000Hz polling rate. Distance Control Unit. 512kB onboard memory. 1,000mAh battery (50 hours of typical game time). ARM Cortex-M0 48 MHZ. Light 100g weight. Angle snapping: on/off.

  • Titan Click
  • Improved wheel
  • Intelligent firmware

The wireless ROCCAT Kain gaming mouse features a comfortable ergonomic shape and Titan Click technology for vastly improved click balance and precision. The accurate ROCCAT Owl-Eye optical sensor is adjustable up to 16,000dpi and lets you achieve perfect tracking. Its long-life battery is optimized to perform for up to 50 hours on a single full charge. The AIMO illumination eco-system provides RGB lighting and LED effects customizable in 16.8 million distinct colors.

Buttons are hinged and feature a low-tolerance spring that cushions every click. This gives exceptional precision with every press.

A mouse wheel click is as solid as a normal click with the Titan Wheel 2.0. Its improved design provides defined and responsive scrolling steps.

A click with the Kain registers up to 8ms faster than the rest thanks to the improved switch mechanics and a smart firmware algorithm.

Alienware Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse AW610M


High-performing polling rate of 1000hz in both wired or wireless mode. Industry-leading battery life of up to 350 hours in one single charge. Latest generation custom Alienware native 16,000 DPI sensor. Custom adjustable scroll wheel with a wide toggle setting between 12 and 24 steps per scroll wheel revolution. Pre-loaded tension on main mouse buttons for a controlled, crisp, tactile click feel. Seven fully programmable mouse buttons via Alienware Command Center. Customizable 16.8m AlienFX RGB Lighting. Signature Alienware ergonomic design.

  • Gaming on your terms.
  • Customize your conquest
  • Level up your comfort

Your wireless gaming mouse won’t lose any performance whether you’re wired or not, even when charging, with a high-performance polling rate of 1,000Hz that lets you stay on top of the action.

Wield greater precision while in the middle of combat with the custom, adjustable scroll wheel that allows you to switch between 12 and 24 steps per scroll wheel revolution.

Game with confidence thanks to industry-leading power efficiency. With up to 350 hours of gameplay on a single charge of the lithium ion battery, you can keep the fight going for weeks on end.

Move swiftly and precisely with the latest generation custom Alienware native 16,000 DPI sensor.

Switch up your gameplay instantly with seven buttons that are fully programmable thanks to the Alienware Command Center. Plus, stay one-step ahead of your opponents with pre-loaded tension on the main clicker mechanism for a controlled, crisp, tactile click feel.

Fly your colors on the battlefield with fully customizable AlienFX RGB, giving you 16.8m color control via Alienware Command Center.

Game for hours on end with a sculpted, comfortable, edge-free design that supports both claw or palm grip styles. The unique ergonomic design offers improved stability and palm cushioning, so you can keep your focus during marathon sessions.

ASUS Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse for PC - ROG Gladius II


Advanced 12000 DPI Optical Sensor. Omron switches rated to deliver at least 50-million clicks. Dual wireless Connectivity. Optimized for all grip types - palm, claw or fingertip. 6 tactile programmable buttons.

  • Wired Performance. Wireless Freedom
  • Dual Wireless Connectivity
  • Critical Performance
  • Exclusive Switch Socket Design
  • Aura Sync RGB Lighting

The ROG Gladius II Wireless optical gaming mouse has dual wireless connectivity (2.4GHz/Bluetooth), an advanced 16000-dpi optical sensor for fast response and precise control, ergonomic right-handed design to ensure you stay comfortable and Aura Sync lighting technology to outshine the competition.

ROG Gladius II Wireless offers two types of cordless connectivity to meet different needs. Bond instantly with the included 1ms 2.4GHz USB dongle, or pair wirelessly via low-energy Bluetooth (BLE).

The ROG Gladius II Wireless is equipped with a high-end optical gaming sensor that delivers the accuracy and speed you need to take down the opposition. Its 100- to 16,000-dpi sensor tracks movements up to a speed of 400 inches per second (IPS). You’ll also enjoy a 1,000Hz polling rate.

The ROG-exclusive switch socket design takes personalization to a whole new level by enabling mouse switches to be easily changed. This means you have the option to install the switch of your preferred operating force and feedback, and you can replace worn or broken switches to extend the lifespan.

Its contours and other design details such as rubber side panels were developed through meticulous trials and research in close collaboration with esport professionals. The result is a gaming mouse that fits snugly in the right hand, optimized especially for palm, claw grip or fingertip styles.

Take style to the next level with ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting. Fully customize your mouse using an endless spectrum of colors and a range of dynamic lighting effects. All illuminations can be synced with an ever-growing portfolio of Aura-capable hardware to create a truly personalized gaming den.

Corsair Ironclaw Wireless RGB - FPS and MOBA Gaming Mouse

Corsair Ironclaw

Hyper fast, sub 1ms Slipstream Corsair Wireless technology. Low latency Bluetooth, or USB wired. Contoured shape that's sculpted specifically for palm grips and larger hands. 18, 000 DPI optical sensor with 1 DPI resolution steps for ultra accurate tracking and accuracy. Ten fully programmable buttons. Ultra durable Omron switches rated for more than 50 million clicks.

  • Splitstream Wireless Technology
  • Intelligent controls
  • Contoured shape for better form and comfort

The Corsair ironclaw RGB wireless gaming mouse combines an ultra-accurate native 18, 000 DPI optical sensor with a durable contoured shape that’s ideal for larger hands and palm grips. Easily connect to your PC via hyper-fast, sub-1ms Slipstream Corsair wireless technology, Bluetooth or USB wired connection, with up to 50 hours of battery life. Powerful Corsair CUE software allows you to precisely tune sensitivity in 1 DPI steps, customize the ten programmable buttons with macros or remaps, and synchronize your mouse’s three-zone RGB lighting with all your icue-compatible Corsair Devices. With the freedom of wireless and The customizable precision you need to take your game play higher, take victory in hand with the Corsair ironclaw RGB wireless gaming mouse.

Redragon M801 PC Gaming Mouse

Redragon M801

Featuring ultra-fast lag free wired or wireless connection. The rechargeable mouse features a battery life up to 35 hours (RGB LED on) up to 70 hours (RGB LED off) on a single charge. Pro Gaming features with 16000 user adjustable DPI and 40G acceleration.

  • Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • Personalized fit and control
  • Dynamic Backlighting
  • MMO Gaming Mouse Features

This gaming mouse supports wired and wireless connectivity. You can use the USB type-C cable to charge its battery. This mouse can be used for up to 35 hours on a single charge. 

You can use the Redragons gaming software to program buttons, game macros, backlighting, DPI sensitivity, media controls and much more.

Now light up your gaming experience with dynamic RGB backlighting featured on the logo and side edges. There are wide range of RGB lights that you can choose from.

You no longer have to worry about slow signals or delays. Its ultra-quick response rate and high-precision sensor delivers pin point accuracy and extreme responsiveness for professional gaming. 

With cutting edge features and unparalled control youu will be immersed in gaming experience and dominate the playing field.



I hope you were able to find the right wireless gaming mouse for under $100 from the above list. All the above mouse have high DPI and many more advanced features. They are sure to enhance your gaming experience that too in a budget. Further, these mouse look super funky and as such they are going to uplift the appearance of your gaming set up.

If you a have any query or suggestion regarding any of the mice above please leave them in the comment section. 

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